About Us

Defendi (Latin for – Defend, Guard, and Protect.) Defendi International was founded by Daniel Fuentes, a retired Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Over 30 Years Experience

Investigative Consulting

We Specialize in Investigative Consulting in the US and Latin America.

Risk Management Consulting

Prevent Risk By Promoting Change within your Business Environment to Protect the Safety of your Business and Employees.

Trial Preparation Consulting

Our experts will prepare your witnesses with effective strategies designed to counter those tactics used by lawyers to discredit their testimony.

Crisis Management Consulting

Planning a response for a crisis during a crisis is too late. We will design a Crisis Management Plan specifically crafted to meet your company’s needs.
Former FBI Special Agent with Quality, Awarded Experience

Defendi is based in Texas and offering Investigative Consulting, Risk Management, Crisis Management, and National/International Security Consulting.

Corporate Security/Safety Advisor

Skilled in security and risk management through services such as business continuity management and planning, enterprise risk management and cyber security with demonstrated success.

Accomplished Bilingual Instructor

Has provided instruction on a myriad of security-related topics including Active Shooter, Crisis Management, Basic Investigation Skills, Leadership, AND International Travel Awareness.

Law Enforcement/ Security Professional

Extensive federal law enforcement experience in domestic and international arenas. Fluent in speaking and writing in Spanish.

Specialized Project Management

Physical security of low and high-rise hotels, security and safety of employees and guests, and the development of policies and procedures for Risk Mitigation, Emergency Action Plans, Business Continuity, & Fire Safety.
Daniel Fuentes
Daniel Fuentes, CEO
"For most of us, fidelity is faithfulness to an obligation, trust, or duty. For the men and women of the FBI, fidelity also means fidelity to country. It means fidelity to justice and the law, fidelity to the Constitution, fidelity to equality and liberty."
Robert Mueller

Need assistance with your Risk
or Crisis Management Plan?

Defendi is here to help you evaluate your plan and make adjustments associated with the risks and safety of your employees and customers or guests. Contact us today!