Crisis Management in Houston Texas

Crisis Management

A crisis such as an active shooter situation or a hurricane accompanied by massive flooding, or a building fire can and likely will bring about mass chaos and confusion, a breakdown in communications, and injuries and loss of lives. A Crisis Management Plan in Houston Texas is essential to a business in their attempts to bring order, control, and continuity following a crisis.

A Crisis Management Plan is the platform used to assist executive management in making important decisions. Also, a public information officer must communicate the company’s messages via the media and other social media outlets, and most importantly, a plan must be in place to coordinate to take measures to assist those who have sustained injuries or loss of life.

Active Shooter Situation

Active shooter situations are unpredictable and evolve rather quickly. Having a plan in place helps your business stay as safe as possible.

Hurricane & Storm Flooding

Although current technology offers advanced warning of impending storms, there is little that can be done to continue business operations if a contingency plan is not in place.

Building Fire

No business or building owner expects a fire to start in their building. A fire evacuation plan is a detailed procedure for how you and your employees will respond to a fire.

Breakdown in Communications

Communication is critical during any emergency situation and can help prevent injury and death, including maintaining business continuity with a detailed plan.

Hostage Situation

If you acknowledge the fact that a business cannot be fully insured against a hostage situation happening in your office, it’s time to define and plan what you and your team need to do in this situation.

Injuries & Loss

The foundation of a safe work environment is a detailed accident prevention and wellness program. The plan needs to cover all levels of employee safety and health with an organized response to emergencies.

Defendi International & Crisis Management Plan

A carefully planned Crisis Management Plan will contain the framework on how to execute the plan, and the information needed by management and employees to do so at a time when the trauma of an event can plague critical thinking. Planning a response for a crisis during a crisis is too late. Our experts will design a Crisis Management Plan specifically crafted to meet your company’s needs and will train and test your employees on its execution.

This plan will also address how your business will implement business continuity and the steps and resources necessary to execute this plan to enable you to resume business operations as soon as possible. The plan will identify critical roles your personnel will carry out and will contain pre-staged planning locations where your Crisis Management Team will meet to carry out its functions. 

"Your business continuity is secure with a Crisis Management Plan."

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