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Investigative Consulting

The consultants at Defendi International are experts in conducting a myriad of investigations in settings all over the world. Our consultants are retired federal law enforcement agents from the FBI, DEA, IRS and other members of the law enforcement community with a wide range of experience.

Our Investigative Consulting In Houston Texas covers a wide array of investigative disciplines including cybercrimes, financial fraud crimes, international kidnappings, narcotics investigations, child custody and divorce matters; and the financial exploitation of the elderly. Our strength is in complex multi-jurisdictional investigations. We use the same investigative standards and procedures used in federal law enforcement investigations.

Cyber Crimes

Every business is in need of an end-to-end cyber risk management plan, including breach notification, incident response solutions, & digital forensics. Defendi International can assist with Digital Investigations.

Financial Fraud

Start the essential steps in creating more effective security measures and mitigating fraud risk in your day-to-day operations. Defendi International can assist with financial fraud investigations in your business.

International Kidnapping

Every year, situations of international parental kidnapping are reported in the United States. Coordinating with the US Government and or Court Systems are often not enough. Defendi International will aid in the search.

Narcotics Investigations

Over the past decades, there has been concerted global effort to track illicit drug production, drug trafficking as well as governments' interventions on illicit drug markets. We will help consult during these investigations.

Child Custody & Divorce

Divorce and child custody can easily be one of the most complicated issues we may face with so many emotions entangled in it. Defendi International can help you research the challenges facing your Divorce or Child Custody situation.

Financial Exploitation

Financial exploitation of the elderly or disabled occurs when a person misuses or takes the assets of a vulnerable adult for his/her own personal benefit. Many situations require professional guidance in resolving possible exploitation.

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