We Offer Training to Build Your Security Strategy

Our training is focused on Basic Principles of Investigations with Investigative Strategies and Case Management

  • Basic Principles of Investigations:
    Investigative strategies & case management

  • Interview & Interrogation:
    Interview and interrogation techniques

  • Active Shooter Awareness:
    Situational awareness and preparedness

  • Human Trafficking Awareness:
    Situational awareness and identification of indicators

  • Crisis Management:
    Crisis Management Operations Center Staging, Identification of Employee Roles, Media Responses, Employee Assistance Programs
  • Tactical Training For Law Enforcement:
    Basic principles of arrests, car stops, room entries

  • Crime Scene Investigations:
    Crime scene perimeters, evidence preservation/collection, photographing and report writing, protocols

Risk Management –Hospitality-Industry Focused

Safety and Security training in the workplace is important because it represents a good opportunity for employees to grow their knowledge base and improve their safety and security situational awareness. Providing a safe and secure work environment in creates an atmosphere conducive to a framework for developing strengths, opportunities to identify weaknesses, and encourages innovation and risk acceptance.  An adherence to quality standards by employees lends itself to fewer workplace accidents, financial advantages, higher company standards, and a better overall understanding of how to handle workplace hazards.

Our team can equip your organization with the necessary tools to better address the workplace challenges such as how to prevent trips and falls, identify and address fire hazards, instruct employees on proper lifting techniques, and how to deal with hazards like blood borne pathogens. Our unique experience in the field of law enforcement can also provide your organization with the necessary training which will assist you with identifying potential indicators of Active Shooters and Human Trafficking scenarios within your workplace. Equipping your organization with these skills can not only protect your brand from potential irreparable damage, but most importantly, it can preserve the safety and security of your employees and guests.

Crisis Management & Emergency Operations Plans

In the unfortunate event of a crisis resulting from a natural disaster or a criminal act, effectively responding to this crisis is critical to the preservation of life and injury, and business continuity. Our team will provide your organization with an adaptable crisis management platform with clearly defined roles for employees, and applicable to any Emergency Response. Our Crisis Management Plans can also be used by your organization in preparation for high-profile events such as Super bowl and World Series Championship games and Concerts. These events typically create large fan attendances drawn by sponsored events and/or by the presence of sports teams, celebrities and athletes. Being prepared is of the utmost importance.

Law Enforcement Training (For Law Enforcement Only)

Our team of retired federal agents have received some of the best law enforcement training in the world, and have trained a multitude of law enforcement personnel both domestically and internationally. Whether the need is in developing investigative skills or in tactical training, the special skills possessed by our team members can assist your law enforcement agency with your training needs.

Do you need assistance with your Training?

Defendi International is here to help you evaluate your plan and make adjustments associated with the risks and safety for your employees and customers or guests. Contact us today!